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About Us

We are pleased with your interest in Early Beginnings Academy, a Charter School located in Miami. Our Charter School serves Pre-K through 2nd grade students with disabilities in an environment designed to ensure that each child receives a holistic education which nurtures their physical, emotional, cognitive, and social growth. We serve students from a variety of communities across the greater Miami area on two separate campuses – North Shore and Civic Center.

We have created a compassionate community designed to promote a love of learning, cultivate self-awareness, and provide opportunities for success and independence. Our children learn in small, multi-age classrooms, contributing to the development of social skills, self-regulation, creative play, and independent learning. Our team of professionals includes physical, occupational, speech, and music therapists as well as highly trained and experienced teachers and staff. EBA is one of the few programs that incorporates music therapy as a core component of the school curriculum. Our music therapy sessions utilize unique evidence-based interventions to help our students accomplish their individualized goals.

The development of individual education plans is an essential element of the schools framework and the success of each student. Each student’s abilities, strengths, areas for growth, therapeutic needs, and developmental abilities are considered when working with families to develop these individualized plans. Our entire team of therapists, teachers, aides, and staff work diligently to ensure that each plan is implemented appropriately, ensuring that our students have an enriching educational experience.


United Community Options formally known as United Cerebral Palsy (UCP) has been serving the special needs population since 1947. Early Beginnings Academy has been a Specialized Center Charter School at UCP of Miami since 2005.