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Mission & Philosophy

Early Beginnings Academy aims to provide an optimum learning environment that will have the greatest academic and social/emotional impact on early learning for students from Pre-Kindergarten to 5th grade with a developmental disability or delay. We are committed to teaching and guiding young children to reach their potential through the use of research-based strategies and developmentally appropriate practices.

The mission of Early Beginnings Academy is to offer every student a child-centered education using multi-sensory learning, meaningful relationships, play, functional skill acquisition, and artistic expression to nurture your child holistically. Our mission is supported in a culturally responsive and compassionate school family designed to inspire creativity, curiosity, advance self-advocacy, and prepare children to be contributing and successful members of our community.

Early Beginnings Academy fills a unique need in the community – allowing students with disabilities to begin their foundation of lifelong learning at the youngest possible age with typically-developing daycare children to increase the possibility of transitioning to a general education setting based on psycho-educational testing and M-Team recommendations. Early Beginnings Academy will also provide continuity for Kindergarten through 5th-grade students with significant cognitive delays to learn in a small-structured environment on a modified curriculum until they enter 6th grade.  Parents have the option of having their child with Early Beginnings Academy throughout their entire elementary school career.