Every child has a story. Every story has a beginning.

Who We Are

Early Beginnings Academy (EBA) Miami-Dade County Public Schools Charter School designed to provide a specialized academic experience and educationally-relevant therapeutic services to children with disabilities ages Pre-K to 5th grade. EBA serves children with special needs, located in the heart of the Civic Center health district of Miami. We educate students from a range of communities throughout Miami and specialize in creating a unique experience for our students and their families. As a result of our extensive history and experience, we are the best charter school for children with disabilities and developmental delays.

Our Mission

To offer every student a holistic education focused on multi-sensory learning, meaningful relationships, guided growth, and artistic expression in a safe and compassionate environment. Our mission is driven by family partnerships and culturally responsive practices designed to inspire creativity and curiosity and celebrate individual differences.

Our Vision

To provide a culturally responsive and compassionate school community designed to inspire creativity and curiosity, advance self-advocacy, and prepare children to be contributing and successful members of our community.

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